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In Alsace Lorraine your boat will take you to the heart of cities and villages with half-timbering houses. The rivers are numerous and be careful not to miss the structures like the leaning plan of Arzwiller ( which replaces the equivalent of 17 locks), the boarding right in the middle of Strasbourg, 5 minutes walk from the historic centre of this beautiful city.

In the Ardennes you will discover the routes full of forests which will enable you to observe an uncommon fauna and flora. The loops of the Meuse will certainly seduce you because of the great grandeur of the natural sites they will enable you to go across.


One week

• Lutzelbourg, Saverne, Strasbourg and return to Lutzelbourg
114 km - 62 locks - 4h45/day

• Lutzelbourg, Arzviller, Mittersheim, Sarralbe and return to Lutzelbourg
144 km - 48 locks - 4h45/day

• Lutzelbourg, Arzwiller, Dombasle, Nancy and return to Lutzelbourg
190 km - 50 locks - 5h30/day

Ten and eleven days

• Lutzelbourg, Arzwiller, Sarreguemines, Saverne and return to Lutzelbourg
212 km - 82 locks - 4h45/day

• Lutzelbourg, Arzwiller, Nancy, Liverdun, Toul, Messein, Dombasle and return to Lutzelbourg
Circle of the Moselle
256 km - 64 locks - elevator, 1 scale of 18 locks, 4 undergroundssouterrains, 3lifting bridges - 5h00/day

Two weeks

• Lutzelbourg, Arzwiller, Sarreguemines, Nancy, Toul and return to Lutzelbourg
402 km - 126 locks - 5h00/day

• Lutzelbourg, Arzwiller, Dombasle, Nancy, Metz and return to Lutzelbourg
346 km - 68 locks - 4h30/day

• Lutzelbourg, Arzwiller, Sarreguemines, Saarbrücken and return to Lutzelbourg
234 km - 72 locks - 5h00/day

Bases of Pont à Bar in the Ardennes and Dinant/Anseremme in Belgium :

You will be amazed by the richness of the landscapes that you will come across and more particularly in going all over the Meuse towards Belgique. The stimulating air, the huge forests, real setting full of treasures, will push you in wanting to explore more and more this wonderful area.
From Pont à Bar you will be able to go for a round trip or just for a one way cruise to Dinant/Anseremme in Belgium

Average temperatures :
April : 14°C May : 18°C June: 21.5°C July: 24°C August : 23.5°C September : 20°C October: 15.5°C


One week

• Pont-à-Bar, Charleville-Mézières, Revin, Fumay, Givet and return to Pont-à-Bar
190 km - 42 locks - 5h15/day

• Pont-à-Bar, Sedan, Mouzon, Verdun and return to Pont-à-Bar
212 km - 48 locks - 5h45/day

Two weeks

• Pont-à-Bar, Charleville-Mézières, Fumay, Dinant, Namur and return to Pont-à-Bar
294 km - 62 locks - 3h45/day

Three weeks (circle)

• Pont-à-Bar, Bery-au-Bac, Reims, Vitry-le-François, Bar-le-Duc, Commercy, Verdun, Sedan and return to Pont-à-Bar
500 km - 206 locks - 5h30/day


One week

• Pont-à-Bar, Charleville-Mézières, Givet, Anseremme/Dinant
120 km - 25 locks - 4h00/day

* one way cruises operate in either direction depending on planning availabilities

Locks are open every day except 1st May and 1st November