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The people passionately fond of nature will be seduced by this area full of lakes, canals, rivers and forests. The fauna is quite rich and diversified.

The small cities you will see throughout your cruise will propose you many festivals

during the summer. In the course of your expeditions you will be able to appreciate

the ruins of castles set high up in the hills.

Base of departure is


Base of Mikolajki : 

Located at 20 km from the Russia border, at the northwest of Poland, this lovely small
town built on a tongue of land between two rivers will enable you to admire many
dwellings dating from the 18 and 19 centuries.
You will need to have a boating licence to sail in this place.
From Mikolajki you can only go for a round trip.                                                    


One week

Gizycko, Wegorzewo, Szhnort, Zielony Gaj, Ryn and return to Mikolajki

110 km - 4h00/day

Two weeks

Gizycko, Ogonki, Wegorzewo, Szthnort, Rydzewo, Ryn, Mikolajki, Ruciane, Pisz, Okartowo, Wierzba and return to Mikolajki

200 km - 4h00/day

A navigation licence is required on the lakes in Poland except for residents of countries wher a licence isn’t delivered (England, Denmark, USA, etc.).

Navigation not advised on the lake at Sniardwi in wind superior to Force 3.

Mikolajki is located at 20 kms from the Russian border near to Kaliningrad.

The quality of the water and the environment will allow you to drop the anchor and swim in the appropriate places.

Locks are open every day.