life on board


During your stay on one of our boats, feel free to stop anywhere you like : you will enjoy walking, biking, fishing or swimming, taste the local gastronomy or visit great tourist attractions... possibilities are multiple.

The notebook provided on board will give you all the information you need to have a successful and enjoyable cruise.


You cruise will be also the opportunity to taste the local gastronomy and typical dishes that you can cook with the products bought to the market using the fully equipped kitchen on board. You may prefer to be served in one of the restaurants or open-air café that you will discover all along your trip.

The notebook provided on board will advice you on the best choice of good addresses.


Locks follow each other but are all different.

The way to use them is explained in the captain handbook that you will receive when you book your trip. Read it carefully, it will be easier for you when you will have to practice during your cruise.

The employees of your starting point will explain you again the locks functionality during the initiation session.

In most of the regions, locks are automatic or operated by a lock keeper. Only the starting point of Cognac will allow you to operate the locks yourself.

Locks are usually opened every day from 9am to 7pm excepted some bank holiday like the 1st of May, the 14th of July and the 1st of November. Our main booking office will precise you which are the bases closed during these days.

In Ireland, Germany and Poland, locks are opened every day.

In Italy, cruising on the lagoons is possible every day. On the Sile and the Brenda, some locks may be close at certain dates. This will be confirmed when you will start and in the notebook that you will receive when you book.


Whichever the boat you have chosen, you will benefit from beautiful sceneries in the middle of the country site and from a high level of comfort as well, spacious bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen, hot and cold shower, central heating. You will be able to fill up the tank of drinking water every day at the lock or in the villages where you decide to stop.

All the beddings are provided on arrival.

The quality and the number of cupboards will allow you to have a cosy life on board.


The fore deck is one of the most appreciated place on board : large, flat and close to the dashboard, it will be either a solarium, or somewhere to picnic.

Walking outside is easy and safe using the large paths protected by the guardrails.


The fully equipped kitchen will allow you to prepare your meals either in the middle of nowhere or alongside the quay of a fitted marina. You will never be far from a village to get fresh local supplies or “croissants chauds” and some eggs and bread for your breakfast as well.

In most cases, a short escape by bike will be enough to reach the shops.


Bikes are essential for a successful cruise. You can bring yours or rent them when starting your holidays at the base. If you decide to rent some, book them in advance (see price list), you will pay on arrival.


On arrival, after being comfortable on the boat, somebody from your starting base will trained you on how to pilot. Don’t worry, it is easy and user friendly. In fact, most of our customers are beginners.

So, you will be quickly familiar with the dashboard and you will have fun with manoeuvring the boat and passing the locks. The detailed guide map of the county that you have chosen to visit for your cruise will give you all the information about the villages, the nice places where to stop, where you can get some fresh supplies and some drinking water.

All the great tourist attractions not to miss are obviously in the guide.


In the South of France, the « bassin de Thau », in Germany the “Muritzsee” and the “Plaeuertsee”, the Ireland big lakes and the Venice Laguna will not be navigable if the wind speed is greater than force 3.

The information and instruction will be given by competent employees on arrival.


The one way cruise cannot be confirmed due to unforeseeable events (previous customer cancelling is trip, boat abandoned, bad weather etc..). It is why a single journey will be confirmed one week before your cruise and which way 48 hours before you start.

You will find in the notebook all the necessary information to go back to your car.


Because of work maintenance, some rivers or canals will not be navigable for some time.

The maintenance is mainly done in winter but sometime it has to be done during the cruising season. The dates are usually known in Mars. We recommend you to check at our main booking office when booking your holidays.


Canals are not concerned by floods but the rivers rise of water level can happen in spring and less often in autumn.

When it happens, we may ask you to navigate using the canals only or to modify your starting point but without cancelling your cruise.

It is highly recommended to call our main office before you start your cruise to check the state of the rivers.