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If you decide to sail in Germany, you will have the choice to sail from several starting areas.
First of all the Mecklenburg and its numerous lakes: the passionately fond of nature will be pleased by the fresh air and the very clear water they will find there. Of course fishing is really common and you will easily get a fishing permit from your base. It will also be possible for you to savour the local speciality which is the smocked fish.
More southwards you will be able to go aimlessly in the Brandenburg where you have to visit the beautiful city of Berlin.

Departure bases are FüRSTENBERG, UNTERGÖHREN and KETZIN.

Bases of Fürstenberg and Untergöhren

(Mecklenburg) :

From these two bases you will admire an extraordinary wild nature in the course of the lakes you will go across. For example, the lake of Muritz is one of the largest lakes of Mecklenburg, peopled by various bird species.
Many cities are worth visiting: Plau, Waren, Schwerin, Rheinsberg, Mirow,..
A round trip and a one way cruise to Untergöhren are possible from Fürstenberg.
Similarly from Untergöhren : round trip and one way cruise possible to Fürstenberg.

Average temperatures :

April : 13°C May :18°C June: 21°C July : 23.5°C August : 22°C September : 19°C October: 13°C


One week

Fürstenberg, Strasen, Neustrelitz, Mirow, Buchholz, Rheinsberg and return to Fürstenberg

Untergöhren, Plau, Lübz, Parchim, Schwerin and return to Untergöhren
240 km - 22 locks - 4h30/day

Ten and eleven days

Fürstenberg, Rheinsberg, Neustrelitz, Mirow, Röbel and return to Fürstenberg

282 km - 24 locks - 4h30/day

Two weeks

Fürstenberg*, Mirow, Rechlin, Buchholz, Rheinsberg, Wesenberg, Neustrelitz, Lychen, Templin, Dannenwalde and return to Fürstenberg

261 km - 30 locks - 3h15/day

Untergöhren, Waren, Rheinsberg, Wesenberg, Neustrelitz, Plau, Parchim, Schwerin and return to Untergöhren

518 km - 40 locks - 4h15/day


One week

Untergöhren, Malchow, Plau, Waren, Mirow, Rheinsberg, Flecken Zechlin, Wesenberg, Neustrelitz, Priepert and Fürstenberg

205 km - 16 locks - 3h30/day

Two weeks

Fürstenberg, Neustrelitz, Rheinsberg, Waren, Plau, Schwerin and Untergöhren