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In this area according to the departure base chosen you will be able to sail on 4 waterways : the canal de la Garonne, the Lot river, the Baïse river and the Tarn river.

In addition to the variety of landscapes and the high gastronomic and viticultural reputation there is also the heritage’s wealth that will act on you as a growing and constantly renewed pleasure.

You will be able to depart from the following bases : AGEN, VALENCE SUR BAISE and (NEW) CAHORS.

New Base of Cahors available in 2016

Bases of Agen and Valence sur Baïse :
From the Canal de la Garonne, right in the middle of the beautiful city of Agen, several cruises are possible: towards Castets in Dorthe, in direction of Bordeaux or else Montauban in direction of Toulouse.
If you want to have more intimacy during you cruise you can choose to sail on the river Baïse. Finally if you have forever dreamt to sail on the Lot, let’s go for Aiguillon, Casseneuil and Villeneuve-sur-Lot. It will lead you to cross the Garonne thanks to the services of a professional pilot (around 20 euros

Average temperatures :
April : 16°C May : 20°C June: 24°C July: 27°C August : 26°C September : 24°C October: 19°C

It will be possible for you to go for a round trip from Agen or just for a one way cruise towards Valence sur Baïse (secondary base dedicated to the one way cruises towards/ from Agen).


One week
Agen, Buzet, Mas-Agenais, Castets en Dorthe and return to Agen
130 km - 28 locks - 4h45/day
Agen, Buzet, Vianne, Nérac, Moncrabeau and return to Agen

150 km - 44 locks - 4h30/day
Agen, Moissac, Castelsarrasin, Montech and return to Agen
140 km - 46 locks - 4h30/day

Agen, Buzet, La Garonne, Aiguillon, Villeneuve sur Lot and return to Agen
182 km - 28 locks - 4h30/day

Ten and eleven days
Agen, Moissac, Montech, Toulouse and return to Agen
232 km - 74 locks - 4h45/day

Two weeks
Agen, Buzet, Valence sur Baïse, Castets en Dorthe, Moissac and return to Agen
305 km - 94 locks - 4h30/day

Agen, Buzet, Valence sur Baïse, la Garonne, Aiguillon, Villeneuve sur Lot and return to Agen

284 km - 72 locks - 4h30/day


One week
, Vianne, Nérac, Condom, Valence sur Baïse

83 km -26 locks - 2h50/day

Agen, Damazan, Le Mas Agenais, Vianne, Nérac, Condom,
Valence sur Baïse
145 km - 36 locks - 4 h30/day

Two weeks
Agen, Castelmoron, Villeneuve sur Lot, Lustrac, Vianne, Nérac, Condom, Valence sur Baïse
224 km - 41 locks - 3 h/day

* one way cruises operate in either direction depending on planning availabilities

Locks are open every day except 1st May on the Canal de la Garonne.

To reach the Lot involves crossing the Garonne using the services of a pilot (cost : around 18 euros).

Risks of floods in spring and from October to the end of the season (not on the canal de la Garonne)
Bases of Cahors :
The base in Cahors can be found amid a succession of extraordinary sites awaiting you along the verdant meanderings of the lot. 64 Km of river and pleasure!
Cahors, a thousand-year-old city, with any number of marvels to explore: its historic centre where medieval monuments rub shoulders with neoclassic buildings, the famous Valentre bridge, its imposing 100-year-old wall, not forgetting Saint Stephen's Cathedral.
One week
• Cahors, Luzech, Vers, Saint Criq Lapopie, Larnagol, Cahors
150 km -34 locks - 4h30/day
• Cahors, Douelle, Luzech, Arcambal, Saint Cirq Lapopie, Cahors
89 km -17 locks - 3h/day
• Cahors, Vers, Saint Gery, Saint Cirq Lapopie, Cahors
66 km -22 locks - 3h30/day
Two weeks
• Cahors, Douelle, Mercuès, Luzech, Cahors, Vers, Saint Cirq Lapopie, Larnagol, Cahors
150 km -34 locks - 3h/day